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Hi, I'm Aran :-)

I'm from Devonport in New Zealand and I work on line as a software developer and GNU/Linux server administrator using only open source software for my work and in my personal life. My main interests are meditation, spirituality and eastern philosophy, agorism, freedom and liberty, programming, open source software and cypto-currencies, electronics, free energy and hacky sack. At the end of 2011 on the 11th of November my wife Beth and I moved to Brazil and bought some land to set up an independent off-grid lifestyle.

Before moving off-grid I spent a lot of time on the Platform network concept which involved a lot of conceptual thought about organisation (such as The Nodal Model, Platform specification and wiki organisation) and development on various MediaWiki extensions and procedures. In 2007 I became one of the official MediaWiki developers so I could maintain some extensions directly in the MediaWiki SVN repository.

For some of my work I started using online freelancing sites, because they have very good project management, payment and escrow systems. Here's some links to my profile in the sites I signed up to:

Also I have a basic Résumé but it's probably quite out of date :-/


You can contact me on or my Facebook page.

For private communications, email me using this PGP key, or Bitmessage me at BM-2D7FH9LwuwVXqrMsfyWcRZuhzhDXjNtkaW.

My Bookmarks

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